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Nu Trix with the Square Circle by Walt Williams (Revised Edition)
Nu Trix with the Square Circle
by Walt Williams

More than just a simple prop, the Square Circle is a terrific way to magically produce an incredible array of items ... right before the very eyes of your audience.

Yet, there's no need to go out and buy one, when you can build your own, FOLDING model Square Circle, using the convenient plans that are included in this handy guide. Profusely illustrated.

Already have a Square Circle? Great! You can use this book to get new ideas for loads and production items. Includes complete routines with patter for special occasions, exactly as presented by the author in nightclubs throughout the country and on television.

These are ideas so novel that you'll want to incorporate some or all of them into your act right away. Be the first in your area to present these original routines.

Best yet, and only available in this 2020 revised edition, are additional chapters of ideas to customize your Square Circle, as well as theme the routine to fit most any occasion. This will help you breathe new life into your performances, whether they be live, on TV, or online.

PDF format. 27 pages + supplement. Revised and expanded reprint of the 1949 first edition, with four new chapters, more ideas, more themes, and more ways to use this versatile prop. ($6 US)

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