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Not Primigenial (revised edition) by Montandon & WaitNot Primigenial
by Roger Montandon and Logan Wait

These two funnymen have combined to present twenty-six effects, bits, and gotchas for magicians and mentalists to liven up your act.

The various items used include money (bills and coins), cards, cigarettes, cigars, and rope. Especially good is "It's a Matter of Money," which is based on an Annemann principle but uses money instead of cards. It's one you will want to put in your act right away.

Here's a look at the table of contents:

  1. Elusive Bill
  2. The Invisible Rope
  3. Don't Waste It
  4. Snakes Alive
  5. Anyone Have a Ten?
  6. It Slipped In
  7. Holding the Bag
  8. Optical Delusions
  9. Turn-Over
  10. Pipe Dreams
  11. Banker's Dilemma
  12. Through the Center
  13. Read It
  14. Doubles
  15. Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels!
  16. Not Loaded
  17. In Triplicate
  18. Whose Picture?
  19. Ear Muffs
  20. For Magicians Only
  21. Pop-Out Cigar
  22. You'll Be More Comfortable!
  23. A Matter of Money
  24. Match From Somewhere
  25. You're Crazier Than I Am!
  26. Military Miser's Dream

Professional entertainers gladly pay $100 each for a single joke or gag to add to their act. In that case, there are thousands of dollars worth of great material here. You can't afford NOT to add it to your working library, and from there into your act. Gordon M. Howatt's illustrations help capture the funny mood, as well.

"Not Primigenial" contains eighteen tricks or stunts with money, matches, smokes and other objects always at hand; also eight good laugh gags. Some are indeed "not original," as the title intimates, but we feel all readers will find items fresh and pleasing to their fancy, as we did. Further, by using either of the cute bill bets explained, you can readily make yourself several times the price of this appealing, illustrated booklet.

--Tom Bowyer ("The Linking Ring" review)

PDF format. Expanded and updated version of the 1942 Montandon Magic first edition. Includes important edits, updates and footnotes. Completely reset in crystal clear type. 31 pages + supplement. ($4 US)

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