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Nite Club Thimble Magic by Chuck Smith
Nite Club Thimble Magic
by Chuck Smith

Here is an amazing and entertaining magic act that runs a full FIVE MINUTES, yet it leaves the audience wanting more. A book every magician should have.

Chuck Smith's routine includes beautiful vanishes, appearances and color change transformations. It looks so incredible to the audience, yet the entire act relies on only two, easy-to-master sleights!

Everything can be examined (should the performer wish) before and after ... the thimbles really ARE ungimmicked!

If you're an enterprising conjuror, use the corporate colors of your sponsor for the color changes for even more applause.

Also includes three other effects, in addition to the main routine.

"Chuck Smith's thimble routine has variety, novelty and audience appeal. Little equipment is required and can be made easily at home. The instructions and illustrations are clear and only two sleights are needed for all the effects. This routine will be found excellent for any parlor, platform or floor show. Preface by Dr. A. L. Baldwin."

(--Review by John Mulholland in The Sphinx)

PDF format. 21 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1950 Regow's edition. Reset in a crystal-clear digital typeface. ($3 US)

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