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The Nikola Card System by Louis Nikola The Nikola Card System
by Louis Nikola

One of the most useful, yet devilishly clever stacked deck systems ever invented.

The beauty of the Nikola Card System is that the secret arrangement of the deck appears to be almost random. Yet, despite its unobtrusive appearance, when armed with the Nikola Deck, you're prepared to blow the minds of your spectators with several incredibly convincing demonstrations of what appears to be real magic!

And, unlike most other cyclical stacks, the suits don't run in a red-black rotation.

Yet, this method is so versatile that you can use most all of your favorite arranged sequence effects with this method, too.

Once you learn it, you can actually set up the deck right in front of the spectators without anyone catching on to what you're doing.

Includes step-by-step instructions for determining the identity of a card handed to you behind your back by its weight alone! Or inviting a spectator to call out the name of a card and you answer back with how many cards it is from the top of the deck! Or even performing the famous ďAny Card Called ForĒ effect by quickly producing any requested card from your pocket!

Not only is the sequence thoroughly presented, but the book also includes a pair of false shuffles, a false cut, and more indispensable sleights to provide extra value for the magician or psychic entertainer.

"With this book, you can do miracles. You canít afford to be without it." (Max Holden)

2022 revised edition includes two new chapters, plus several corrections and updates.

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