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Nelson Enterprises Catalogue #12 (Reprint) 1931 Nelson Enterprises Catalog No. 12 (Reprint)

Robert Nelson and his brother Larry ("Alla Rageh") started the Nelson Enterprises in 1921. Their first "catalogs" were printed on thin, onion-skin paper. By 1931, their catalogs were books in their own right, this one boasting 236 different effects, books, and services catering almost exclusively to the mental, mediumistic and gambling fraternities.

Originals of this catalog are virtually impossible to find, as they jealously hoarded by mentalists, magicians and occult collectors. Now reprinted in convenient PDF ebook format, the Nelson Enterprises Catalogue 12 is once again available to expand the mind of performers of every ilk.

Because catalog printing techniques of the 1930s weren't meant to produce archival quality results, the reprinting project presented a challenge -- how much retouching and correcting would be tolerated in order not to spoil the vintage flavor of the publication? While a few obvious typographical errors have been corrected in this edition, we wanted the essence of the original to shine through.

Lavishly illustrated, with compelling text written by the one and only Bob Nelson. This work truly belongs on every psychic entertainer's electronic bookshelf. PDF format eBook. Corrected and expanded reprint of the original 1931 edition. 84 pages, with an additional 16 pages of new content added. ($15 US)

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