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Nelmar's Inside Secrets (Anthony Nelmar Albino)Nelmar's Inside Secrets
by Anthony Nelmar Albino

A professional stage performer opens his vault of treasured miracles, revealing his favorite magic and psychic effects, plus inside secrets to getting your act booked!

As Nelmar, the author entertained thousands with his stage hypnotism, magic and psychic act. He reveals his favorite effects, ranging from mentalism to card effects to sleights with coins. But that's not all! Nelmar also reveals important business aspects, including how to get booked, how to make "cold" calls, and even two samples of letters he used to get more gigs!

Here's a look at what's included in this book:

Chapter I (MENTAL MAGIC). Original $500 Telepathy Challenge - A Bold Mental Miracle - Brain Vision - Genuine Thought Transference - and many more clever and startling effects.

Chapter II (CARD EFFECTS). Tenkai Teaser - Supra-Mentality - Slow Motion Card Vanish - Reverse Floating Card and many others.

Chapter III (MANIPULATIVE MAGIC). Three False Shuffles - Hecht's Torn and Restored Card - The Transposition - Production of Deck of Cards and still more.

Chapter IV (MISCELLANEOUS MAGIC). Cut and Restored Tie Trick - Nelmar's Stage Appearance - Stage Vanish - Guessing Weight by Telepathy - Lifting a Child by a Single Hair - and more!

Chapter V (COMEDY STUNTS, GAGS AND WISECRACKS). Over a dozen funny gags and stories that will put you over.

Chapter VI (MONEY MAKING IDEAS). Six methods of getting more bookings and more money with magic, including Nelmar's own booking letter template.

"One of the best, most complete and well accepted contributions to the art of Magic."   --Harold R. Rice

"Contains a wealth of novel tricks, ideas and tips regarding how to make magic pay as a profession. One of the best buys I have run across." --Bill Hilliar

"You are giving marvelous value." --Tom Bowyer

Magic World revised and updated reprint of the 1934 Nelmar first edition, formerly titled "Unik Trix that Klik." Hundreds of corrections, updates and additions make this hard-to-find title a "must have" for your library.

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