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Nelmar's Spirit and Hypnotic Tricks (Anthony Nelmar Albino)Nelmar's Spirit and Hypnotic Tricks
by Anthony Nelmar Albino

Now you, too, can be a stage or parlor hypnotist, presenting amazing mind-over-matter miracles!

Any magician, hobbyist or professional, can perform apparent spirit and hypnotic effects, all described in what has been called the most amazing book ever written. Imagine yourself hypnotizing a group of two or more people without touching them! And with very little practice! You can do it after you read this book!

This book teaches you:

  • How to hypnotize people so they cannot whistle until you WILL them to!
  • How to cause your pulse to stop beating! (SIX methods described)
  • How to perspire at will!
  • How to thrust a 10-12" long needle through your wrist!
  • How to cause the blood to leave your hands AT WILL! (And return.)
  • How to produce spirit raps at any time and place!
  • How to make your eyes visible to others, in absolute darkness!
  • How to do the hypnotic rigid test (THREE methods)
  • and many, many others.
  • TWENTY effects in all!

"A collection of stunts apparently performed by hypnotic power. I wish that some of the hypnotists I have seen would get this material and use it. The first purpose of any entertainer is to entertain. The stunts in this book are good ... you will use them if you do mental, hypnotic or related effects."   --Lloyd E. Jones

The original ad for "Nelmar's Spirit and Hypnotic Tricks" boasted that this book enables the reader to give the most thrilling entertainment ever witnessed. In fact, we agree. There's something sensational about apparent hypnotic miracles and so-called "geek" effects that awe the audience. It also means extra money in your pocket!

Magic World Publishers revised edition includes two new chapters, plus important edits and corrections. Formerly titled "Twenty Hypnotic Tricks."

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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