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More Effective Answers to Questions by Robert A. Nelson (REVISED EDITION)More Effective Answers to Questions
by Robert A. Nelson

A sequel to "Effective Answers to Questions," which has been regarded by the profession as the greatest book of its kind.

In this informative 'how-to book,' Nelson presents many angles and arguments that will enable the performer to present a better, and more effective program.

Nelson's comments on TV, radio and newspaper work will be found very valuable for professional workers, as he shares a lifetime of practical knowledge, gained from his many years of actual experience.

How to impress your audience is one of the many features of this new book. Many new gags, both sensational and humorous will be found between the covers.

In addition, this revised edition brings you new material, not included in the previous four editions, including a new chapter by fellow mentalist B. W. McCarron (author of "Kara's Crystal Visions.")

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 172 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

PDF format. 41 pages + supplement. Magic World revised edition of the 1948 4th edition, featuring HUNDREDS of corrections, updates and clarifications, as well as a new chapter. We are proud to add this title to Nelson's library of important texts for mental workers and psychic entertainers. ($8 US)

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