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Modern Illusions by Tom Palmer (revised and enlarged edition) Modern Illusions
by Tom Palmer

Add flash and increase audience and booking agent interest by incorporating one or more illusions to your act.

In this publication, Tom Palmer reveals eleven of his award-winning, compact stage illusions that you can build.

Included are: Thru the Lens, Devil's Express, Vanishing Lady (In-Tire Vanish), Bowless Archery, Ghost Production, Hi Tide, Penet-Ray, Spook House, Escape, Transylvania 6-5000, and Thought Projection.

All are described in detail (with illustrations by the author) so that the average do-it-yourself handyman can easily build himself a full-sized stage show without spending a boatload of money.

Just the ticket for ghost or spook shows, too, where you can transform a girl into a monster, zombie or gorilla. Or, for your next corporate show, use the CEO or company president in your act for guaranteed publicity.

Includes an Appendix of construction and finishing secrets that's invaluable to any magician, whether you build the described illusions or not.

"Highly recommended. Each with a novel twist by Tom Palmer which makes the illusion seem newer and more interesting." (Burling Hull)

"Will prove valuable to those looking for effects that look big without requiring tons of apparatus." (John Braun)

Revised and updated edition includes three new chapters.

Format: Print book.

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