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The Miracle Floating Light Effect by Burling HullThe Miracle Floating Light Effect
by Burling Hull

Discover the beautiful mystery of the floating lamp or ball effect in this fascinating book!

The floating light is a beautiful and mysterious stage effect whereby an illuminated light bulb (that may be in a lamp) visibly detaches itself and floats across the stage, apparently under the performer's control.

The performer makes mystic gestures toward himself and the lighted bulb floats toward him and lands in his palm. It may be carried to the footlights and shown all around. It can even be laid on the palm of a spectator.

The magician then throws the bulb away from him several feet, and at a snap of the finger, it stops in its flight and hangs suspended in midair. It can be caused to soar upward, then descend to the floor, make graceful loops or circles in the air, and travel forward and back in all directions, in obedience to the performer's will.

The illuminated bulb can float through a hoop. The magician can pass his hands over, under and on all sides—-to disprove the possibility of connections of any kind.

You'll also learn how to cause the bulb to soar over the heads of the spectators. The bulb then returns to the performer, where he proceeds to walk through the audience with it floating before him in mid-air, where he again passes a hoop over it.

This effect was originated by Dunninger, with Hull having the rights to manufacture it. While others have copied some of the method, their instructions all fall short of the original.

Now, no matter which company produced your floating bulb, you can learn the beautiful method, described in these illustrated instructions. Many of the ideas and moves work with stage floating ball effects, too.

Plus, only in this newly updated edition, do you get three added chapters, including how to make your own self-lighted bulb, additional illustrations, plus tips, tricks and performance ideas.

Partial contents:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • The Original Floating Bulb
  • One-Man Method
  • The Hull Float-Up Move
  • The Hull Whirl-About Move
  • The Step-Over Move
  • The Hoop Spin
  • Showing the Bulb Close-Up
  • Using the Stand and Hoop Outfit
  • Bulb Floats Out from Stand
  • Williston's Move
  • Dunninger's Method
  • Grant's Method
  • Other Uses
  • Can You Make A Self-Lighting Bulb?

"A real masterpiece."
(U. F. Grant)

"What a sensation for my club shows, where it is generally so hard to find BIG EFFECTS that are light and small to carry." (H. R. Williston)

"I can build a REAL MYSTERY around it. A wonderful effect!" (Dr. Harlan Tarbell)

"A great idea!" (Jack Gwynne)

Magic World revised edition includes three new chapters, plus added illustrations, important edits, clarifications and updates.

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