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Miniature Card Magic by 'Hen' FetschMiniature Card Magic
by "Hen" Fetsch

In this rare manuscript, the fertile mind of "Hen" Fetsch — with some editorial help from California publisher Lloyd E. Jones — reveals several of his favorite effects, betchas, tips and gags with miniature cards.

"Hen" also tips the way he prepares himself to be able to perform these effects at a moment's notice -- even with a borrowed deck!

No difficult sleights are required. All moves and setup are well-explained and illustrated.


  • Introduction
  • Simplicity Force
  • Stick with Me, Kid
  • Last Chance, Brother
  • Simplicity False Cut
  • Direct Approach
  • My Favorite Trick
  • Stung Stab
  • They Name It
  • More Fun with Miniature Cards
  • Amazing Photography
  • About the Author
  • Appendix: Camera-Ready Miniature Cards
  • Thank You
  • Suggestions for Your Magic Library

Brought to you by the creator of "Mental Epic" and the author of "Milk Pitcher Magic."

There's no need to pay $20 or more for an original, vintage copy of this title. This deluxe digital edition contains more information on this topic than the original!

PDF format. Expanded reprint of the 1943 first edition. Includes important edits and updates; completely reset in crystal clear type; with added biography and printable miniature cards. 21 pages + supplement. ($3 US)

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