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Annemann's Mental Bargain Effects Mental Bargain Effects
by Theo Annemann

Eleven clever psychic demonstrations by the brilliant mentalist whose effects set the gold standard even to this day.

Includes his MENTAL MASTERPIECE, where any person thinks of a card in the pack. On a piece of paper the spectator writes the name of the card so that he won't change his mind. Paper placed in his pocket. Performer fans out a pack, removes one card and lays it on spectator’s hand face down. Spectator now, for the first time, names his card and he himself turns over the card. It is actually the card that he has been thinking of. This effect at one time sold for the modern equivalent of more than $55.00!

Also included in this book are:

  • Annemann's Diabolo Pellet Reading
  • The Modern Mindreader
  • Getit!
  • Annemann's Psychic Writing
  • The New Double Telepathy Routine
  • Eyes of the Unknown
  • 30th Century Television
  • Coincidence
  • Penetrating Vision
  • The Impromptu Mindreader

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 358 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. Reviews:

"A most handy compilation to have on tap when needing something simple but effective in the 'psychic' line." (Tom Bowyer)

"Eleven near miracles, as far as the audience are concerned. A bargain." (John Young)

Magic World revised edition includes three additional chapters.

Format: Physical book.

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