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Mediums Unmasked by Julia Garrett Mediums Unmasked
by Julia Garrett

Here's the true story of the author — a former psychic medium ý who decided to come clean and spill the real work. Most of the psychic and parlor seance demonstrations rely on chutzpah, not necessarily repurposed magic gimmicks, to make them work.

While doing research, editor B.W. McCarron included entertaining information from old news stories that are sprinkled throughout the book. Also included is a scathing editorial of Mrs. Garrett's book from a Spiritualistic newspaper. No conflict of interest, there, to be sure!

Whether it's consumed for the story aspect, or by those who wish to assemble their own sťance routines, we believe this title belongs on every psychic entertainer's virtual bookshelf.

Magic World revised and expanded version of the 1892 first edition. PDF format. 67 pages.

Mediums Unmasked is now available for purchase at


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