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Master Sealed Letter Reading Act by Robert A. NelsonMaster Sealed Letter Reading Act
by Robert A. Nelson

A convincing, "real time" method of reading sealed messages, as employed by fraudulent mediums and psychics.

A strictly one man feature. The psychic passes among the audience, handing out small, unprepared envelopes containing a blank card. On these cards, spectators write their name and questions, then carefully seal them inside the envelope. The mentalist now collects the envelopes, never allowing them to get out of sight of the writers.

The performer or medium now holds the envelopes to his or her forehead, first calling out the writer's name, then proceeding to answer the spectator's question! After all questions have been answered, the unopened envelopes are then returned to the sitters.

Bear in mind that the questions never leave the spectator's sight. There are no exchanges, switches or steals. The unprepared envelopes, cards and pencils are used.

This is a seemingly impossible and supernatural test, yet it is easily accomplished witout fear of detection. The complete method and lecture is provided in the digital manuscript.

"The billet reading instructions are one great knock-out."
-- Malcome Seer (review from Nelson catalog #16)

Are you a Nelson collector? This was listed as Item Number 33 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. Now you can fill that missing spot in your collection. Sold as a historical novelty only. Not to be used for any illegal purpose.

It's tentatively scheduled to appear in the "Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection Vol. 7" compendium. (Expected release: winter 2021)


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