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The Magician At the Bridge Table by A. H. StaffordThe Magician At the Bridge Table
by A. H. Stafford

If you want to do more than just poker deals, consider adding this fascinating routine of bridge table magic to your act.

This title has been long out of print, and now it's back and better than ever for a new generation of audiences and performers.

After a game of bridge, your audience is already in a card mood. That's the perfect time to introduce this compelling routine where one miracle flows seamlessly into the next.

Partial contents:

  • Psychic Bid

  • Vulnerable

  • Grand Slam

  • The Trick Is Played

  • Suit and Score

  • Hold Out

  • Culbertson vs. Lens

  • Suggestions and Variations

"From the audience viewpoint, an entertaining series of skillful demonstrations; but from the magician's angle, an ingenious application of simplicity and subtlety. Not a difficult sleight in the entire routine, but just notice how the performer 'works ahead' of his audience all the time!"
(from the Introduction by Howard P. Albright)

"Stafford's new book, 'The Magician at the Bridge Table,' contains good card information. I recommend it." (Frank Lane)

PDF format. 29 pages + supplement. Expanded reprint of the 1934 first edition. Includes a new chapter, a new illustration and several updates and corrections. ($8)

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