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The Magical Pitchman by William W. Larsen, Sr. & B. W. McCarron The Magical Pitchman
by William W. Larsen, Sr.
and B. W. McCarron

Add variety and comedy to any act with this delightful presentation, based on the outlandish medicine pitches of yesteryear.

Entertain your pitch with magic
Interspersed throughout the comedy pitch are honest-to-goodness magic effects that you likely already own. In this revised edition, you are given several examples that will give you additional ideas. There's no need to go out and buy new tricks.

This lecture is different
Not a magic show in the strict sense, this is a humorous act in itself, which is how you present it to potential clients. This talk is just the ticket for corporate shows, keynote speeches, civic groups, women's groups, men's lodges, magic revues ... anywhere that adult audiences gather.

Based on a lecture presented by "Doc" Lehar, Larsen and McCarron have expanded the premise, giving new latitude and freedeom to the modern-day performer, who will "cash in" with it. Everything needed for the act should fit into an average briefcase or better yet, a "carpetbagger" style satchel.

This revised edition adds a whopping seventeen pages of added material to the original, making it even more of a "must have" for anyone who is looking to add to their performing repertoire.

"The included comedy testimonial will have most any audience rolling in the aisles."
  --T. A. Whitney

PDF format. Updated and expanded edition of the 1945 Thayer printing. Includes five added chapters and eight illustrations left out of the original edition. Every word has been reset in crystal clear, digital type. 23 pages. ($12 US)

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