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Magical Object Messages by Rev. J. B. MaxwellMagical Object Messages
by Rev. J. B. Maxwell

Twenty-five choice messages or object lessons from texts of the Bible, illustrated very effectively with tricks of magic and mystery.

Perfect for the magician who wishes to perform before a church audience, whether it be a Sunday School group, church social, or other occasion.

Each effect is fully described and illustrated if necessary. Citations from the Bible for each lesson are provided, too.

A great book for the magical entertainer, magi-minister, and Sunday School teacher.

"Tricks with a minimum of apparatus with patter to tie them in to Bible texts." (Harold Sterling)

"Easily workable effects which fit into the teaching of a definite Bible text. Every one of these is usable and I heartily recommend this book." (Rev. Gordon W. Mattice)

"This book gives material of great value." (John Mulholland)

Revised edition includes one new chapter and seven added illustrations.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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