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Magic at Your  Fingertips by Milbourne Christopher and Hen FetschMagic at Your Fingertips
by Milbourne Christopher
and "Hen" Fetsch

A top-flight collection of 33 tested tricks and performance suggestions by two of America's greatest magicians and magic inventors, Milbourne Christopher and 'Hen' Fetsch.

We can't remember the last time we had so much fun enjoying a book on magic. No stuffy prose or verbose instructions here, Christopher and Fetsch reveal the inner workings just as if you're discussing them over a beer or burger at your favorite hangout.

Magic at Your Fingertips features chapters on close-up conjuring, mental magic, card feats, sorcery with silks and a wide assortment of unusual variety magic. It contains new and delightful wizardry for stage, intimate work, platform, night clubs, casino showrooms and hotels.

The 33 tested effects are enlivened by Walt Kaeber's illustrations. Sid Lorraine wrote the sparkling Foreword.


  • Foreword by Sid Lorraine

    • Climax Cup and Ball
    • Dollar in Orange
    • Flash Finish
    • Cigarette Surprise
    • Surprise Suggestions
    • Dollar Deception
    • Ever-Ready Lighter
    • Two on a Match
    • Impromptu Changing Bag
    • The Traveling Cigarettes
    • Thimble Catch
    • Four Thimble Vanish
    • Dixie Cup Betcha

    • Character Cards
    • Master Key
    • Which Lock
    • Design Projection

    • Tear the Cards
    • Etho Vanishing Card Case
    • Card from Pocket
    • The Click Locator
    • Secret Servante

    • Lightning Production
    • The Go-between Silk
    • A Go-between Routine
    • Silk Through Body
    • Burning a Borrowed Handkerchief

    • The Rambling Ribbons
    • The Cup Vanishes
    • Candle Conjuring
    • Glove to Flowers
    • Rope Through Neck
    • The X04 Rope Trick

  • Conclusion
  • About the Authors

If you could add just one book to your library this month, here it is. But don't take our word for it. Here's what the magic fraternity had to say about this excellent book:

"A dandy collection, really worthwhile."   -- Mel Stover

"An excellent collection of magic that you will read, enjoy, and perform. No lengthy explanations, easy to understand instructions and we doubt whether you'll ever find as much material that you'll be eager to add to your magical offering as you'll find between the pages of 'Magic at Your Fingertips.' Good, practical magic with plenty of novel and up-to-date touches."
  -- Sid Lorraine in TOPS

"Full of good ideas."   -- Wilfrid Jonson in The Sphinx

"To the inveterate card worker, we have no doubt the 'Click Locator' (in Chapter 3) will set them working, for here is a key card which is neither long, short, thick nor wide, in fact, its very presence in the pack is quite indetectable, and yet the performer can locate the key card instantly."
  -- Eric C. Lewis and E. G. Brown in the Magic Circular.

PDF. Revised and updated edition of the 1947 first edition. Includes scores of edits, clarifications and updates, revised illustrations and a new chapter. Completely reset in crystal-clear digital type. 66 pages plus supplement. ($6 US)

Magic at Your Fingertips is available for purchase at


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