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The Magic of Rezvani by Maurice Sardina, Translated by Dariel FitzkeeThe Magic of Rezvani
by Maurice Sardina
Translated by Dariel Fitzkee

Here are the methods of the modern Persian magician whose performances have thrilled and amazed Europeans, as well as American magicians and laymen alike.

Among the features is the first explanation in English of The Tomato Trick, a colorful presentation of the Near East version of The Cups and Balls, using a carpet, a stick, 2 bowls, 3 tomatoes and 2 grotesque statuettes. Another trick, steeped in the character of the Orient, is the trick of the Five Ivory Balls.

Other outstanding feats, among many, are The Portrait of Grandmother in which a selected card appears beneath the glass in a sealed picture frame; Passing a Rope Through a Pane of Glass; The Cards in the Bag, where several selected cards are extracted from an examined bag tied by a spectator.

Or, try this one: Imagine having a card selected and returned to the pack together with a straight pin. When the pack is thrown against the performer's chest the selected card is found pinned to his vest!

The book contains 19 sleight-of-hand moves with cards as used by one of the finest card experts in Europe; 13 card tricks of various types, many unusual in character; 7 miscellaneous tricks including The Sticks of Buddha which, laid loosely upon the floor, mysteriously rise, to the accompaniment of a tambourine, to form a tent; 6 unusual mental tricks employing absolutely new principles and devices. This is practical colorful, characteristic and distinctive material—the greater majority of which are easy to do.

Originally sold for the equivalent of $45.00 when first published, first editions are now going for upwards of $100.00.

"Excellent material by one of Europe's foremost magicians." (Paul Fleming)

"The description of 'second dealing' is particularly clear and very well illustrated. Altogether an interesting and well produced book." (Geo. Armstrong)

"The material presented is excellent, the various effects having unusual twists which should appeal immediately to the reader and his audience. A worthwhile book and recommended." (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)

"The Tomato Trick is worth the price of the book alone, and don't miss Rezvani's instructions on the second deal that Charlie Miller liked so much." (Bill Woodfield)

Revised edition includes a new chapter and an added illustration. 49 illustrations in all, which were reworked for this edition, making every move and detail crystal clear.

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