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Magic with Canes by 'Hen' FetschMagic with Canes
by "Hen" Fetsch

Within these pages you will find over 100 ideas, tips, routines, gags, suggestions and patter presentations with canes.

The book is divided into three parts— Appearing Cane Magic, Vanishing Cane Magic and Specialty Cane Magic.

Everything is made even more crystal clear by 50 brilliant illustrations by magical artist Harvan.

No longer do you have to think of your cane as a "one trick pony."

Thanks to this book, you'll find more ways to use it in your act than ever before.


"The definitive word on all the potential uses of the Russ Walsh items, and canes in general. It should satisfy the needs of the fraternity." (Dr. Victor Sendax)

"[Fetsch's] innovations are usable and clever as well as practical. A fine source book for working magicians." (Lloyd E. Jones)

"Own this book at once. It is more than valuable." (Ray Muse)

  • One Hand Production
  • Clap Hand Production
  • Bare Hand Production
  • Silk Hand
  • Silk Hat
  • Fore!
  • Flash Hat
  • Undercover
  • Devil Cane
  • Card Case
  • Color Change
  • Cane Cig
  • Ringo Cane
  • Triple Silks
  • Rope to Cane
  • Rope and Ring
  • Rigid Rope
  • Ribbon Cane
  • Silk to Cane
  • Rigid Cane
  • Cane Cane
  • Plasticane
  • Three Balloons
  • Abra Cane
  • Bouncing Balloon
  • Confetti Fill
  • Harvan Flash
  • Spook Cane
  • Wand Cane
  • Flag Cane
  • Candle Cane
  • Candle Balloon??
  • 20th Century
  • Candy Cane
  • Ken Cane
  • Prop Cane
  • Ring Cane
  • Golf Ball
  • 8 Ball
  • Magic Service
  • Dove Cane
  • Christopher Cane
  • Banana Cane
  • Tambo Cane
  • Money to Burn
  • Monkey Cane
  • Red White Blue
  • Grow Cane
  • Paper Ribbons
  • Surprise Productions
  • Cane to Silk
  • Cane to Silks
  • What Happened?
  • Delage Cane
  • Glove Cane
  • Hat Cane
  • Paper Cane
  • Jason Cane
  • Parade Cane
  • Cane Float
  • Baton Cane
  • Giant Cig.?
  • Heyl Cane
  • Yogi Cane
  • Bouquet Cane?
  • Bouquet Balloon
  • Golf Club
  • Fore Again
  • Golf Bag
  • Cig Cane
  • Thread Cane
  • Witch Cane
  • Walsh Banner
  • Vanishing Wand
  • Ish Cane
  • Umbrella Cane
  • Hello Goodbye
  • Gordon Cane
  • Wand Canes
  • Change Cane
  • Fox Cane
  • Repeat Canes
  • Repeat Finale
  • Curtain Talk

    Magic World revised edition features a new chapter, plus additional updates.

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