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The Magi Card System by Oscar Hugo Magi Card System
by Oscar Hugo

A comprehensive treatise devoted to a brilliant cyclical stack system for professional magicians and mentalists.

This book covers the topic in great detail, including ten lessons for learning the system, plus how to use the Magi System to its utmost, including clever false cuts and shuffles that'll hide the fact that a setup is used at all.

Also included are mechanical methods that can optionally be combined with the Magi System to make it even better.

The book contains a mix of effects that are easy to do, and ones that take some skill. All are explained in an easy-to-follow manner, just as if the author was personally teaching his system to you.

Nearly impossible to find on the used market, first edition copies are selling for big money. And it's no wonder. The system is psychologically sound and the learning method ensures that the performer is able to work the system quickly and accurately.

"Oscar wins his own 'Oscar' with his step-up in card systems. I heartily endorse it." (Harlan Tarbell)

"The author very ingeniously eliminates a number of difficulties with other systems." (John Mulholland)

"I sincerely recommend 'The Magic Card System' to any magician." (Dr. Zina Bennett)

"Practical, sure-fire, reputation-making material." (William W. Larsen)

2022 revised edition includes two new chapters, plus several corrections and updates.

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