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Leaves from J. N. Hilliard's Notebook (revised and expanded edition)
Leaves from J. N. Hilliard's Notebook
by John Northern Hilliard

Available in print once again!

From the author of "Greater Magic" comes "Leaves from My Notebook" -- an outstanding quartet of Hilliard effects and routines.

Includes The Triple Mystery - The Chinese Rings - The Quick or the Dead - and Roll Your Own.

Originally released at the equivalent of $21.50 in today's money, now you can add it to your library for a much more reasonable price.

"Here are to be found some of the most subtle secrets in the magic art. There is one in particular, 'The Linking Rings' which makes the Linking Rings an entirely new trick made over. One thing could always be said for John N. Hilliard, and that was that he was thorough and whatever he did, he did well. No magician ought to be without this book in his library." (W. W. Durbin)

"Pleasant it is to trace such effects as 'Roll Your Own' (cigarette), 'The Quick and The Dead' (thought reading) and 'The Triple Mystery' (card routine) to their original source. The book is well done. There is a lengthy section dealing with the Chinese Rings—-there are indeed many good things. A book such as this is a pleasure both to read and to handle." (George Johnson)

2023 revised and expanded edition with two added chapters.

Format: Physical book.

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