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The L. W. Mindreading Mysteries by William Larsen and T. Page Wright (Revised Edition)The L. W. Mindreading Mysteries
by William W. Larsen & T. Page Wright From the authors of The L. W. Mental & Spirit Mysteries comes this nice collection of five more entertaining effects for psychic entertainers that will leave audiences thinking that they have just witnessed genuine mind reading!

You get:

  • Musical Mindreading - A spectator selects one of twelve songs, without revealing it to anyone else -- and the medium (seated at the piano or CD player) is somehow able to play that very selection! Most musical mindreading acts have required long study. This can be learned in less than fifteen minutes. Little or no expense. An excellent, apparently impromptu item for the home, club or stage.

  • Distant Card Reading - A number of cards freely selected from an ordinary pack are named by the blindfolded medium. No forcing. Cards may be shuffled back into the pack by the drawers and neither the performer nor the medium touch the pack thereafter. No code of any sort. Performer never sees the selected cards and, in fact, does not know what they are. Blindfold is genuine and the medium may perform throughout with her back to the audience. No confederates. Any number of cards may be selected. No study on the part of either medium or performer is required. No apparatus.

  • The Devil's Phone - A complete message reading act which is new in both effect and method. Can be made up quite inexpensively and is easy to perform. A sure-fire experiment for any type of audience.

  • Curious Card Reading - An excellent experiment for the beginner. Embodies the simplest code of its type. A method of executing one of the most difficult card effects without skill or apparatus.

  • The Test Card Act - A subtle and easily learned card transmission act. Just the thing for the newspaper office and other publicity work. May be done anywhere and under any conditions. No words or gestures of any kind. The medium may be genuinely blindfolded.

"A nice manuscript, good items, easy of presentation."  --George Johnson (The Magic Wand)

"The material is, as we have found their other activities, practical. Needless to say, the material is well worth the price asked."  --Milton A. Bridges (The Sphinx)

PDF format. Updated and corrected reprint of the 1928 first edition. Includes four new chapters, important edits, clarifications and updates. 29 pages + supplement. ($5 US)

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