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The Krahma System of Fortune Telling with Playing Cards by B.W. McCarron The Krahma System: Fortune Telling with Playing Cards
by B. W. McCarron

This holy grail of fortune telling was at one time offered in the famous Ed Mellon mentalist's catalog. It then disappeared for more than 50 years until a dusty copy was unearthed from the editor's private book collection.

Unlike most other fortune telling systems with playing cards, readings using this system are quick and snappy.

The card layout is streamlined, yet the subject will be satisfied she received her money's worth since the outcome of the reading is dependent on her feelings and conscience. The reader will like it, too, since six to ten readings can be performed per hour.

This system provides an excellent opportunity to recycle playing cards when they're no longer useful in the magic act. With the Krahma System, the more care-worn the deck, the better it will be accepted by the Subject as an instrument of destiny!

Performers who only perform a "straight" magic act can add to their bottom line by performing one-on-one readings after the show. All that's needed is a card table, a tablecloth, a deck of cards, and this book.

NOTE: If you plan to do perform card readings, you may also want to offer a fortune telling book for your clients (that uses a different method) to increase your after-show income.

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