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Kornfidentially Yours by Karrell FoxKornfidentially Yours
by Karrell Fox

A book that's as fun for magicians to read as it is to perform the tricks for a live audience!

Chock full of action gags, comic props, hilarious quickies, plus a few dozen fine tricks with cards and miscellaneous items.

Also contains a full-length Pitchman’s Act and eight other Fox favorite situation comedy riots.

Not only for magicians, but great material for emcees and those wanting to add spontaneous laughs to their acts.

Did we mention that it contains some darned good magic, too?

Originally sold for the equivalent of $22.00 in today's money when first released.

Magic World revised and expanded edition includes two new chapters, plus additional added content.

"Right in the middle of the comedy Fox frequently comes up with a good serious idea as to method or adaptation. I am quite certain that you will find this book of considerable value." (Dariel Fitzkee)

"If you want comedy, it's here in abundance; if you want magic you'll find that, too, and can give yourself some merry chuckles looking over the gags." (John J. Crimmins, Jr.)

"Even if you never use a single idea, you want this book just for the pleasure of reading it." (Milbourne Christopher)

Format: printed book.

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