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Jumbo Card Tricks by U. F. Grant Jumbo Card Tricks
by U. F. Grant

Here are 37 effects, moves and routines with jumbo cards that will earn a reputation for you as a master magician!

The use of jumbo cards in a platform or stage magic show adds a new dimension for the wide-awake entertainer. With them, even those spectators in the cheap seats can participate in the goings-on.

As a bonus to this expanded edition, T. A. Whitney's "Comedy Find the Card" routine is included. This trick adds a splash of comedy to even the most serious performance.

We should mention that, like all Grant booklets, the author assumes that the reader has at least a rudimentary knowledge of magic. In other words, this is not a work for the absolute beginner.


  • Foreword by T. A. Whitney
  • A Clever Segue
  • L. & W. Reversed Card
  • A Useful Force
  • The Shrinking Jumbo
  • A Suggestion
  • Turn Around Card
  • To Bring Cards to Top Without a Pass
  • Burning a Woman Alive
  • Message From the Flames
  • A Mental Test
  • To Make A Deck of Strippers
  • A Stripper Deck Trick
  • Two-Card Monte
  • Prediction With a Special Deck
  • Mirror Box
  • Rising Card Trick
  • A Change With a Double-Face Card
  • Reds and Blacks
  • Up Pops a Card
  • Message From the Dead
  • Coincidence
  • Reds and Blues
  • Chinese Card Trick
  • Production Box
  • Fly-to Cards
  • While Blindfolded
  • Torn and Restored Jumbo
  • Do As I Do
  • Cards in the Pocket
  • Cards and a Ribbon
  • Another Double Face
  • A Restoration
  • Stop Trick
  • Wandering Deuce
  • The Rub Off
  • Patriotic Dates
  • Bonus: Comedy Find the Card (T. A. Whitney)
  • About the Author
  • Recommended Titles

"There’s a lot of good material here." (T. A. Whitney in the Foreword)

Revised version includes three new chapters and three added illustrations.

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