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I've Got Your Number by Paul Lindner I've Got Your Number
by Paul Lindner

An exciting master memory, mental, or publicity stunt that leaves a lasting impression on the spectator.

Paul Lindner has been using this effect for over twenty years. He was offered big money for the secret of his baffling mystery, each time refusing. Why should one man alone have it, he finally decided, and therefore he has released it to the magical fraternity.

It is one of the best mental effects we have had the pleasure to offer.

No fooling you really do have anybody's number: today, tomorrow, or twenty years from now once you have this most novel stunt in your repertoire.

You give different numbers to everyone you meet. They write it in their notebook or on the back of your business card. Yet, you don't have to write it down, as this simple method enables you to instantly call out Mr. X's number any time he runs into you and challenges you with, "Say, feller, what's my number?"

Believe it or not, you tell him! Here's something you'll do for the rest of your life!

It goes like this: You meet a friend, relative, or anyone. You give each a different number. The number may have one or a dozen digits in it. They mark the number down... but you don't, as you will always remember it by the simple system taught.

Later, when they see you, they ask what their number is, and you immediately tell them, without any hesitation. This can be he next day or any time up to twenty years later or even longer. It makes no difference, as the time is unlimited. You will always remember it, as the system is so easily mastered in a very few minutes' study. A few minutes, after carefully reading the simple instructions, and you can commence giving out numbers.

"A natural for magicians, doctors, lawyers, office-workers and those of any profession or trade who contact a number of people." (Lloyd E. Jones)

"Simple and sure fire. Anyone can do it within a few minutes." (Dariel Fitzkee)

"Best stunt I've seen in many a day. A swell publicity stunt that costs practically nothing and keeps working for you for years. How can you beat it?" (Tommy Windsor)

"Do it any time. No props." (William W. Larsen)

2023 Magic World revised edition adds several new chapters and features.

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