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It Just Happens by J. Stewart SmithIt Just Happens
J. Stewart Smith

J. Stewart Smith continues with his professionally-praised run of card magic routines, this one containing seven appealing card mysteries.

Like his previous releases, all the work is accomplished without knuckle-busting sleight of hand. Only a few simple moves are necessary, easily within the grasp of the average magician.

Smith strives to strip down his creations so every move is logical, from an audience perspective. There is no confusion as to what happens. It looks like pure magic!

A Transformation - The Nostalgic Trio - The Unseen Passage - Two Faces Up - Pure and Simple - An Eerie Illusion - Here and There

Card workers the world over praise his beautiful effects and their methods.

See below for a few brief quotes from experts in the field.

"There are seven card effects in this book, and in each one, the author strives for the simplest and most direct method, so the effect will appear 'to just happen.' I am delighted! (John Braun)

"If you like clever plots in card magic and want good close-up and table tricks, I highly recommend books by J. Stewart Smith." (Duke Stern)

"I unhesitatingly recommend it to all lovers of card magic. My own favorites are the first and last effects: 'A Transformation' and 'Here and There.'" (Sam Aaronson)

Magic World expanded reprint of the 1961 Bains Press first edition. Includes two new chapters and important edits and updates; completely reset in new type. $8 PDF

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