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It Can Be Magic by J. Stewart SmithIt Can Be Magic
J. Stewart Smith

A big book (by J. Stewart Smith standards), this collection includes 13 of his most baffling card mysteries.

Close-up magicians who know their craft rave about Smith's work, both for its presentation and its methods.

See below for a few brief reviews from some of the very best performers in the field.

A Cocksure Choice - Topsy-Turvy - Without Doubt - Invisible Power - A Weird Event - A Surprising Revelation - A Transformation - In Like Manner - The Survivor - A Magical Restoration - Hide and Seek - At Ease - An Interchange

"Within these pages the reader will find many new effects. He will also discover a few oldies in new dress. But most of all he will find good, effective card tricks that he can perform with a minimum of skill that will be completely baffling to any audience. No apparatus, no trick cards, no difficult set-ups, no difficult moves." (J. B. Bobo)

"The thirteen card illusions are accomplished without sleight-of-hand, and they seem to be REAL magic." (John Braun)

"All effects described required a minimum of skill but depended on subtlety. His contribution to the art will be remembered." (Howard Bamman)

Magic World expanded release features two new chapters.

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