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It Must Be Mindreading by George B. Anderson (Revised Edition) It Must Be Mindreading
by George B. Anderson

One of the greatest mentalism books ever published. Every effect is practical for today's audiences and working conditions.

25 contributions in all. All one-man effects. No confederates or assistants. No cumbersome or heavy gimmicks.

A balanced mix of close-up and platform material. Only two card effects. Tested material, routined by a showman who knows how to sell.

Includes the "Do As I Do Book Test," already a favorite of those who have seen it.

The "Easy Money Mindreading" routine might end up being your favorite for those impromptu requests to "read my mind" (page 9).

Looking for a question-answering routine that's light years ahead of everyone else's? You'll want Anderson's "Palmistry vs. Mindreading" effect on page 14.

And, who could forget "The Mental Artist"? A design duplication demonstration that's as clean as they come (see page 38).

"For those contemplating a mental act, I recommend George Anderson's Genii Award Winner, 'It Must Be Mindreading.' This is a must." (Eddie Clever)

"One of the finest treatments of mentalism I have ever read." (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)

"If you do mental magic, you need this book. Excellent material." (Max Holden)

"All the routines are sound, practical and clever. Here are feats that appear to be real mind-reading." (John J. Crimmins, Jr.)

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 304 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

Newly revised edition includes a new chapter.

Format: Physical book. Soft covers, 65 pages. Saddle-stitched.

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