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Irv's Triple Transposition by Irv WeinerIrv's Triple Transposition
by Irv Weiner

Add to your arsenal of outstanding close-up effects with this hard to find manuscript from a recognized master of deception.

The effect is simple and direct:
Four Aces change places with four Kings, which are later found face up in the deck.

Meanwhile, in the pile formerly occupied by the Kings, are cards which match one previously selected by a spectator.

Or, as Canadian reviewer Sid Lorraine says:

"Aces in one pile, Kings in another. The Aces and Kings change places; then the Kings jump into the deck face up and the four remaining cards on the table turn out to be the four Queens."

Let's let some of the greatest minds in magic speak for this outstanding effect:

"A novel and attractive routine. Neither the plot nor the method is complicated, and no great amount of practice is required to master the manipulation." (John Mulholland)

"A clever effect, well thought out and one you'll enjoy performing." (Sid Lorraine)

Cards may be borrowed or use your own. You'll want this!

Magic World revised edition includes three new chapters, plus additional updates.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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(B) Get the print edition from House of Mystery Books.


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