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The Invisible Influence by Eddie Joseph (revised and enlarged edition) Invisible Influence
by Eddie Joseph

A masterpiece in card magic! Six effects in all that take place in the spectator's hands!

When you perform this trick (which is actually a series of effects), you do not touch the cards at any time. A spectator removes the deck from its case and he mixes them. He then follows your simple instructions and the different effects just seem to happen.

A patter story based on the title is supplied and it is a logical story and backs up all the effects that follow.

While a brilliant effect, it's actually easy to perform. It's different truly amazing that depends upon an original Eddie Joseph system.

If you've ever performed one of his tricks, you'll surely want this one, too.

You'll no doubt give yourself hours of entertainment doing THE INVISIBLE INFLUENCE just for your own amazement. When the first phase of the trick is accomplished, you'll wonder why, even though you have the secret.

The second, third and the remaining phases will flabbergast you. And just think how impressive it will be to your spectators!

Written in the clear, concise language, with illustrations to make everything clear.

Originally sold for the equivalent of $34.00 in today's money.

"I read it I worked it I could hardly believe it. It works!"   (Howard "Mel" Melson)

"The trick seems little known these days, which is a pity because the principle upon which it operates is very interesting." (David Britland)

"Like most Joseph effects, this can be as baffling to magicians as the layman. Properly presented, this could be a complete act. There is nothing difficult to memorize and no sleights are employed . . . In fact, the performer does not touch the cards throughout the demonstration." (Sid Lorraine)

Format: Printed book. Soft covers, saddle-stitched,.

Magic World updated and expanded edition features two new chapters.

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