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Incredo Book Test by Orville MeyerIncredo Book Test
by Orville Meyer

Here's an incredibly direct book test that not only will amaze your audience, it will stun magicians, as well!

There have been book tests with external paraphernalia and book tests with specially printed books... but never one so diabolically bold, clever, simple and direct as this.

The spectator simply opens a book, notes a word, and you can reveal it immediately or later.

No involved mathematics. No stooge. None of the old thrusting of a card into the pages and all of that.

No force, never the same word twice, and the book is an ordinary paperback which you can buy at any drug store. Or use it with a hard cover book - perhaps one that you've bought from the dollar store.

The fact that you can leave the book with the spectator to keep as a souvenir (if you wish to), makes this a masterpiece of apparent telepathy.

This is a test you can USE not a pipe dream. As used by the author in his performances.

One of the biggest advantages to this method is that you can even perform it with a library book, and better yet, the book can be one themed to your act or sponsor (i.e., Christmas, Harry Potter, Halloween, etc.).

"I highly recommend ... easy to learn as just as easy to perform." (Eddie Clever)

"One of those delightfully simple but oh-so-practical secrets that are the foundation of the finest mental magic." (Tom Dethlefsen)

"Foolproof. One of the foremost thinkers in unusual magic and mental creations." (Alvin R. Plough)

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