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The Incorporated Strange Secrets by Ted Annemann The Incorporated Strange Secrets
by Ted Annemann

While Annemann was still living, he made a decision to stop selling individual effects and direct his energies toward the writing of books for magicians and psychic entertainers. The Incorporated Strange Secrets contains 13 of his separate dealer effects (including 10 that had not yet been released), each of which are stellar.

"Here is mental magic--magic in the realm of the psychic. Impromptu presentations--some of Annemann's choicest secrets [are] revealed here. Each and every test is worth more than the complete volume." (Robert A. Nelson)


  • Insto Transpo
  • Stop
  • The Dollar - Cigarette Challenge
  • Remote Control Improved
  • The Accessory
  • Mental Dollars
  • Number, Please
  • Sensitive Thoughts
  • The Card Doctor
  • Slates and Aces
  • Poker Plus
  • Thought, In Person
  • A Mental Headache

Are you a Nelson collector? This title was listed as No. 353 in the Nelson Enterprises Catalog.

Format: Print book.

2021 revised edition includes three additional chapters. Soft covers, 28 pages plus supplement. Saddle-stitched.

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