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Mathematical Three Card Monte by Bob HummerMathematical Three Card Monte
by Bob Hummer

An entertaining monte effect where the spectator--not the performer--switches the positions of the cards (which may be borrowed).

Here's another mental stunner by Bob Hummer and it's one of the most baffling he's ever released.

We didn't believe it — we tried it — and must say it's positively amazing.

Briefly, it can be done with any deck, and only three cards are used —- any three cards.

The performer does not switch the cards around, as in the regular monte. It's the spectator who mixes the position of the cards-—while the performer's back is turned.

After the cards are mixed as much as desired, the spectator peeks at one card, remembers it, and then makes a few more moves. When the spectator has completed his part of the routine, the performer can tell him the card he peeked at!

Remember, this can be done with anyone's cards and without advance preparation. And, believe it or not, the effect can be instantly repeated -- for as long as you like.

No fakes — No moves — No mirrors - No electronics - No stooges. Use any three cards from any deck.

It's another Hummer masterpiece!

"You'll get a great kick out of this. Very unusual." (Max Holden)

"A baffler. Recommended." (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)

"A very striking effect. Simple to do and may be done with anyone's deck." (John Mulholland)

2021 revised and updated edition includes three new chapters. Originally published in 1951. ($6)

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