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How to Book Your Attraction by Robert A. NelsonHow to Book Your Attraction
by Robert A. Nelson

Even with a fine show, extraordinary talent and natural ability, you can still fail to be a financial sucess, simply because you don't know how to book your attraction!

This book will show you, the clever performer, where and how you can book your show and work every day of the year! There's plenty of work for the psychic entertainer, hypnotist or magician who wants to work, if he or she makes use of the information and knowledge contained in this book.

Learn the ins and outs of working in theatres, night clubs, hotels, resorts, fairs and exhibitions.

Discover the subtleties of working in radio and TV, including sponsorship, programming, where and how booked.

Unearth the secret art of special event bookings, including newspaper tie-ups and sponsorship, extra sources of revenue, and private reader promotions.

Make money with store demonstrations, including the pitch, terms of the engagement, how to build a crowd, turning the tip, who to contact and how to overcome obstacles.

You'll be treated to the inside secrets of booking by mail, artist representatives, booking agents, advance bookers, and where and how to secure their services.

And there's more! Cruise ships, school assemblies, performance contracts, Ladies Matinee performances, midnight ghost shows, negotiating the book concession, and much more is covered in this book. If you've ever thought about taking your act to a higher level or want to take your show on the road, you NEED this book!

Magic World revised and expanded edition includes two new chapters and a wealth of updated content.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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