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How You Are Cheated at Dice by Willard King How You Are Cheated at Dice
by Willard King

If you play dice games, or if you have friends who play, you can't afford to be without this information.

Written for the craps player, King delivers the facts in such a way that the dice player will understand and be able to instantly recognize the principal forms of cheating now in use.

The author has eliminated what is usually the bulk of other gambling books — including historical background, rules of the game, statistics, anecdotes, memoirs, and moral admonitions. Instead, he cuts to the chase with the exact methods used by dice cheats, so that you may understand and protect yourself against them.

No matter if you play craps at a local club, in a back alley, or in a so-called "friendly game" while passing time on vacation or at a convention, there's nothing like good information to keep your mind sharp and your bankroll fat.

If you've ever thought of giving a gambling lecture, pick up a few pointers from how the author delivers his message in this well-illustrated book. You'll be glad you did.

Magic World Publishers' revised and updated edition, edited by B.W. McCarron (author of "The Gambling Magician").

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