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How to Routine a Magic Show by William Larsen, Sr.How to Routine a Magic Show
by Wm. W. Larsen, Sr.

An informative handbook that tells the secret of how to properly routine a magic act or show.

Especially valuable to semi-pro and amateur performers, it tells how to put your tricks to work and will help put your magic hobby on a self-supporting basis.

You may be capable of performing a hundred tricks, but if you lack the knowledge of how to put together an entertaining routine, you won't get the big fees. This manuscript tells you how. Best of all, it tells you how to do it with those tricks you already own and which you can perform.

This book not only gives the simple fundamental rules for routining an act or show, but sets forth specific examples of six-, eight-, ten-, fifteen- and twenty-minute acts. There are also example routines for longer shows.

If you want to garner more dollars, you can't do better than invest in this interesting and instructive manuscript. Written in clear, concise style, you can read it and be ready to routine your own act, or show, in an evening's time. The rules are easy to understand and follow.

Originally sold for the equivalent of $31.00 when first published.

Magic World revised edition features four new chapters.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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