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How to Read People's Minds by H. J. Burlingame How to Read People's Minds
by H. J. Burlingame

From the Introduction by B.W. McCarron:

This is not only a fun book to read, but it also carries some great lessons in performance mentalism. You'll learn from past masters of the craft, such as Washington Irving Bishop, J. Randall Brown and Paul Alexander Johnstone. You'll find newspaper reports of their exploits, lists of effects, and more.

You're also in for what I think is an unexpected treat: the method behind the "Mindreading Dog" routine that'll leave you with a healthy appreciation for the amount of work necessary to teach man's best friend how to be a canine David Blaine.

In this wonderful age of electronics and fast-paced living, it's refreshing to discover that muscle-reading and psychic demonstrations can still border on the miraculous. Like another famous mentalist who finds his paycheck after each performance, perhaps you, too, will amaze audiences with amazing stunts of thought stealing. I predict you will.

This revised and expanded edition contains numerous corrections and updates to the text and illustrations. We've also completely reset every word into crystal clear digital type.

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