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How to Do Headline Predictions by Don Tanner (Revised Edition) How to Do Headline Predictions
by Don Tanner


Now you, too, can apparently predict the headlines in tomorrow's papers, earning thousands of dollars' worth of free publicity.

Any performer can add vital interest and sparkle to his program by including a headline prediction or predicting the outcome of a future event (such as an election or major sporting contest).

This book tells you just how to do it, in ways that cannot fail.

Equally interesting is the fact that no great expense is involved in any of the methods -- sometimes none at all.

Including a headline prediction is a sure-fire way to get publicity and create a "buzz" about your act. It makes an excellent talking point when selling the show.

A feature prediction of this nature is also a basis for tie-up with local merchants and businessmen, and offers an excellent to use a local celebrity to good advantage, further guaranteeing great press.

Partial contents:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction and Pointers
  • The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg
  • In A Block of Ice
  • In A Block of Cement
  • In A Loaf of Bread
  • The Eddie Clever Method
  • The Floating Prediction
  • The Prediction Chest (designed by Don Tanner)
  • "Two-Way" Predictions
  • The Buddha Check Prediction
  • The Two-Way Box
  • Card Box Predictions
  • How to End

PLUS, only in this newly revised edition, do you also get the Airtight Prediction, a MASTER SECRET of commercial mentalism, that many have paid the equivalent of $9 or more to own. It's yours FREE, with the purchase of this fine text.

This is information you should have. Don't be caught unprepared. The opportunity to use it could turn up at any time. Order your copy now and be prepared.

"Many new ideas for the mentalist and magician."
  —Herman Homarr

"It is worth the money just to find out how these miracles are accomplished."
  —John Braun

"Audiences and the media will be floored when your predictions are revealed to be as accurate as you want to make them."
(from the Foreword by T. A. Whitney)

Revised and updated reprint of the 1957 first edition. Includes corrections, five new chapters -- including the AIRTIGHT PREDICTION.

Format: Physical Book. Soft covers, 36 pages, saddle stitched.

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