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How Gamblers Win by Eddie Joseph (revised and enlarged edition) How Gamblers Win
by Eddie Joseph

A complete gambling exposé act with cards, coins and dice.

Startle, amaze and amuse your friends, magicians and audiences alike with Joseph's streamlined, modern methods. Ten entertaining gambling-related effects make you appear to be an expert at gambling cons and ruses.

If you can shuffle the cards, you can present this routine for lodge groups, chambers of commerce, rotary and civic organizations, consumer education groups, business luncheons -- anywhere adult audiences gather!

Take a look at what's included:

No. 1 - Any deck is shuffled by anyone and placed on the performer's outstretched hand. Performer cuts the deck anyplace and calls the card cut at. This is repeated as many times as desired.

No. 2 - Four spectators each shuffle an Ace into the deck and return deck to performer and he immediately locates the four Aces.

No. 3 - Four selected cards, poked into various parts of deck, are immediately cut to. A most amazing location.

No. 4 - Something brand new in second dealing. No sleights. One you will like and swing to.

No. 5 - A Slow-Motion Three Card Monte, less sleights or extra cards.

No. 6 - Any shuffled deck is handed performer and he immediately cuts off any number of cards called for.

No. 7 - Super Sensational Poker Deal. Will stagger those in the know.

No. 8- A coin is tossed in the air and caught. You can make the spectator call it wrong every time. You always win.

No. 9 - Chips and Dice. Anyone throws the dice (any dice). If the spots total 6, performer opens his hands and out drops 6 chips. Repeated any number of times.

No. 10 - A die is dropped in a matchbox and shaken up and you predict what the number will be. New, different and great.

All the above and more, too, fully exposed and explained.

Plus, only in this revised and expanded edition, we give you five additional topics to add to the lecture or routine, to further prove your bona fides to your audience. Every spectator likes to receive a few tidbits of knowledge with which to impress their friends, and we give them to you in this updated edition.

"I consider Eddie Joseph one of the magical geniuses of this age."   --John Braun

Format: Printed book. Softcover, saddle-stitched, 49 pages + supplement.

Magic World updated and expanded edition features four new chapters and three illustrations left out of the original edition. Edited by B. W. McCarron (author of The Gambling Magician).

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