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The Gyp Artist by William W. Larsen Sr. The Gyp Artist
by William W. Larsen, Sr.

Here's an entertaining, 25- to 60-minute lecture that you, the magician or mentalist, can present on the topic of scams and cons. And it's a money-maker!

Become an Expert on Cons and Swindles...
Or just talk like one! This is a new field for most magicians and mentalists, allowing you to give your lecture to civic groups, security seminars, government agencies, corporations -- anywhere people gather. And these organizations have deep pockets, too, able to pay you well for your time.

Fabled Bunco Games of History...
Now become practical, effective tricks in the magician's hands, each one building up to a smash climax. Not to be confused with other types of bunco books, which merely explain various "skin games." THE GYP ARTIST goes far beyond this and uses each one as the theme of a complete trick.

The Golden Fleece The Million Dollar Bond Swindle The C.O.D. Office Hoax Sold For Taxes The Fifth Race Is Fixed Dealing in Futures Genuine Antiques at Auction Count Your Change Before You Leave The Window Letter of Credit Swindle Eighteen Karats - and more!

Demonstrate Your Talk
Enthrall your audience with entertaining examples, based on simple, inexpensive items that you already have around the house, or modestly priced pieces of equipment easily obtained from any magic dealer, or even more cheaply made up by yourself with but little patience. Better still, each one is suited for parlor, platform, club or stage — and will be welcomed by audiences of all types.

Become a Bunco Buster
This lecture package allows you to discuss and illustrate the great confidence games and swindles of our day, mystifying one and all as you do. Patter suggestions are supplied where needed, plus a complete introductory lecture if you are to present all the items as a complete show.

Revised edition includes three new chapters and several illustrations left out of the first printing. Edited by B. W. McCarron (author of The Gambling Magician).

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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