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Grant's Comedy Magic by U. F. Grant Grant's Comedy Magic
by U. F. Grant

(Revised and enlarged edition)

Add more laughter, giggles and applause to your act with this outstanding collection of tricks, routines, tips, bits and suggestions from a master of magic.

Magic and comedy go together like peas in a pod. The use of the properly timed comic bit, funny prop, or hilarious gag will add new life and zest to most any act.

Turn your ordinary magic performance into something that your audiences will enjoy like no other. Take your magic to the next level and put your act in demand. All the pros are doing it. Now you can, too!

At least 60 tips, ideas, routines and suggestions to make you the funniest magician at home, work, school, the club, on stage, in the parlor or at the party. Add this book to your comedy library today.

"The Famous Bullet Catching Stunt looks like a winner to me! I can't wait to try it in my own act." —T. A. Whitney

Revised version includes a dozen new items, two new chapters and scores of edits and updates. Nice, crystal clear text. PDF. 36 pages plus supplement.

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