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Grant's Collected Secrets Vol. 2 by U. F. Grant Grant's Collected Secrets Vol. 2
by U. F. Grant

A collection of 24 more brilliant U. F. Grant magic gems that runs the gamut from close-up puzzlers to full stage miracles... and everything in between.

The value of this collection is an astounding $143.76 at today's prices (Grant originally sold these secrets separately for the equivalent of $5.99 each when first introduced).

Partial contents:

  1. Card in Balloon. No trick stands or specially made apparatus used. More natural than all the tricky stands sold.
  2. Nu Ring Off String. Uses a borrowed finger ring. Better than the old method of using your own rings.
  3. Jarrow's Bill in Lemon. There have been all kinds of explanations on this. NOW you can get the real dope.
  4. 12 Cards to Pocket. As used by Tommy Martin and originated by George DeLawrence. No palming or sleights. Fools them all.
  5. Comedy Patter for Chinese Sticks. A great stage or platform trick made even better with this comedy patter.
  6. Super Telephone Test. Any card, number and city called out. Any number dialed and person answering tells all.
  7. Leipsig Type Card Suspension. A half deck of cards cling haphazardly to the performer's palm. Any cards. No glues or pins.
  8. Cut and Restored Light Wire. Any bulb in any lamp or socket, cut wire and light goes out. Restore and it lights up. No gimmick knife. This is the real McCoy and very good.
  9. Best Packing Box Escape. For special shows you may do and want publicity. No gimmicks.
  10. Improved Razor Blade Swallowing Stunt. No spool switch or mechanical stand. No danger and clean cut.
  11. Omar's Deck Switch. The most practical and baffling method of switching a deck of cards.
  12. Hang-Pan-Ching Coin Trick. The real method of this coin classic where a handful of coins pass through the table.
  13. Improved Psychic Padlock Trick. You pick out the sealed key that fits the lock. Use any lock and any keys.
  14. Comedy Patter for Paper Hats and Pants. This popular trick is a wow with this patter.
  15. Comedy Presentation for the Passe-Passe Bottles. This old trick becomes a real winner with this new presentation.
  16. Pass a borrowed finger ring into a potato threaded on a ribbon. Ring goes inside potato and on ribbon, ends in full view.
  17. Leipsig Type Cards Through Air. Cards peeked at rise through air without reels or mechanical means.
  18. Spectator Rope Trick. Magician sits in audience and lets a spectator on stage do a cut and restored rope trick. Good!
  19. Chinese Bowl Production. Remove robe and dance around stage to prove no body loads. Then from cloth produce on floor a massive pan of water. No covers, etc.
  20. Comedy Check Writing. Make out a check and tell victim to bring it next day and you will cash it. Next day, it has faded out.
  21. Best Telephone Book Test. Spectator looks up a number in book and you call it out with name. No cards or tricky items used.
  22. Dramatic Presentation for the Cut and Restored Rope Trick. Any rope trick can be used with this dramatic presentation.
  23. Impromptu Phone Stunt. Walk into any office or home and cut the telephone wire. Then magically restore it.
  24. Malini Type Blindfold Card Stabbing Masterpiece. The real dope on the best method.

"The tricks are most varied in effect and very good. Will be found useful by almost every magician." (John Mulholland)

Format: Print book.

Also available is Grant's Collected Secrets Vol. 1, containing 24 additional Grant stunners that completes the series.

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