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Glass Through Hat And Other Effects by MatthewsGlass Through Hat
(And Other Effects)
by "Matthews"

Here's a great club effect, where you are seen to pass a glass of water (or other liquid) through a handkerchief-covered hat.

But wait! You can repeat it, which will blow away lay audiences and magicians alike!

The author's pet trick is revealed here, which uses no expensive dealer apparatus. Plus, he provides two different methods, allowing you to repeat the effect, should you be called upon to do so.

Sound good so far? What if we told you that this popular mystery can be performed impromptu? Now THAT would be real magic!

In this well-illustrated booklet, Matthews provides the step-by-step process for this miracle of magic, that's ideal for banquets, corporate shows, club audiences, or most anywhere people gather.

The author also provides several "get acquainted" stunts or "ice breakers" that were his bread and butter for parties and other social gatherings. Keeping a group entertained--even after the magic--is a skill that will keep you in demand.

"Suitable for small groups, yet done on the stage, it can be quite effective for larger audiences." (Edgar Heyl in Hugard's Magic Monthly)

"The material is very good, for it has been tried and tested." (John Braun)

Magic World revised edition features two new chapters, plus important edits, clarifications and updates.

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