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Forbidden Wisdom by Howard Albright Forbidden Wisdom
by Howard P. Albright

We're delighted to offer this title in a revised and expanded print edition for the first time in years.

Albright reveals a variety of apparent fortune telling methods for magicians and psychic entertainers to delight their after-party clients with.

Note that the various demonstrations involve the use of subtlety and trickery. They are not actual psychic readings, even though they look like it.

The book covers:

  • Fortune Telling by Cards (three methods explained)
  • Scientific Interpretation of the Cards (for fortune-telling effects)
  • The Mystic Circle (card fortune telling from cradle to grave)
  • How to Give an Interesting Reading
  • Pseudo-Palmistry (with sample reading)
  • Pseudo-Graphology (handwriting analysis)
  • Pseudo-Astrology (including home/office and drawing room presentations)
  • The World of Dreams (dream analysis)
  • Fortune Telling by Coins
  • Fortune Telling with Dice
  • Pseudo-Numerology
  • Scribble-ology (an original pseudo-psychic act)
  • and Albright's own Psychic System for giving convincing cold readings of people you've just met.

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was featured in the Nelson Enterprises catalogs Nos. 19, 20 and 21.

"It's darn good material." (Robert A. Nelson)

"I unreservedly recommend it to anyone wishing to pursue fortune-telling as an allied art." (Walford Taylor)

"Is worth fifty dollars to a private entertainer who specializes in Mental Magic and all the strange sorcery that accompanies the delving into the past and future." (Sid Lorraine)

Magic World revised edition adds two new chapters.

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