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For Card Men Only by Al LeechFor Card Men Only
by Al Leech

Originally advertised as a book of card miracles so clever that they'll fool magicians.

We'll go further: Forget the magicians, this is a book of routines that will stun audiences.

Contains a mix of tricks that require skill and others that don't. In short, it's a book that you won't outgrow any time soon.


  • ACE KING TRANSPOSITION. A simple but thrilling plot. Aces and kings change places beneath a spectator's hand.

  • ALTERNATE METHOD OF ABOVE. To use when the boys are making it tough for you.

  • ACE KING TURNOVER. A card trick with terrific eye-appeal.

  • ACES UP. An ace appearance that gets a laugh.

  • THE INFLUENTIAL ACE. The spectator finds the aces in the cards he holds, but how can that be?

  • ELUSIVE JACKS. A completely visual effect in which nobody has to take a card or remember anything.

  • ACE ELIMINATION. A smooth and new handling of a popular effect which eliminates all the former hazards.

  • A TRANSPOSITION. The unbelievable sort of thing that makes them gasp.

  • TABLE METHOD OF THE ABOVE. For use at the luncheon table, etc.

  • SUPER ACE CONTROL. The magician locates the aces by their sound waves, with a surprise twist in the location of the last ace.

  • TURNOVER DIVINATION. An intriguing effect in which one of five cards is mentally selected, all five returned to the deck separately and facing the wrong way. When pack is spread, all but the selected card have righted themselves.

  • AN AMBITIOUS CARD CLIMAX. An idea which can be used in a number of ways to bring about a startling climax.

  • SIMPLIFIED POKER DEAL. Requires so little skill the performer can concentrate on presentation, and he’ll end up with great credit for manipulative ability.

  • DOUBLE DEUCE. Two spectators each insert a deuce in the deck, and the selected card is discovered between them.

  • A SIMPLE CARD CONTROL. A neat, easy way to bring a chosen card to a certain number from the top.

  • TRANSPOSITION EXTRAORDINARY. A card passes from one half of the deck to the other while the spectator holds both portions and appears at a position designated by the spectator.

  • A QUICK OPENER. Routine and sequence should count in card magic as well as any other kind. Get off to a good start with this one.

  • DOUBLE DECK TRANSPOSE. A similar effect to the above but using two decks.

"The effects are of that much sought for type which is so appealing to a spectator: fast, clean and startling. Recommended to all." (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)

"There's some nice card magic in For Card Men Only." (John Braun)

"All are good, and the handling and routining is not only well thought out, but in many instances, brilliant." (John J Crimmins, Jr.)

Magic World revised edition features three new chapters and one new illustration.

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