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Flash Magic by Grant and McCarron Flash Magic
by U. F. Grant
and B. W. McCarron

There are eight EXCELLENT effects in this updated book--plus a few variations--that you AND your audiences will enjoy. Best of all, most can be made from materials found at discount and dollar stores!

For example, Visible Silk Flight is a brilliant routine with a toy pop gun rifle and a colorful silk handkerchief that you can make up yourself. Just as good as a $150 dealer item!

Or how about Lantern of the Air, a beautiful floating effect with a candle-lit Chinese paper lantern? You get two methods explained: one using an assistant and a second one for the one-person show!

Or if it's comedy you're after, the Surprise Duck Trick includes a way to turn a novelty store item into a great production prop that's great for kid shows.


  • Introduction
  • A Chinese Holiday
  • The Phantom Goldfish
  • Inexhaustible Milk
  • Instant Milk in Reverse
  • Milk to Ink
  • Invisible Ink
  • Carnival Hat Load
  • Visible Silk Flight
  • Rainbow Fantasy
  • Lantern of the Air
  • Surprise Duck Trick
  • About the Authors

"The Phantom Goldfish effect explained in FLASH MAGIC will make any audience sit up and take notice. The next time someone accuses a friend of drinking like a fish, you'll be prepared!" —T. A. Whitney

Originally published by U. F. Grant in 1935, this revised edition features added content, revised illustrations and scores of edits and updates with nice, crystal clear text. PDF. 23 pages plus supplement. ($4 US)

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