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The Farmer and The Witch Illusion by U. F. Grant & T. A. Whitney The Farmer & The Witch Illusion
by U. F. Grant & T. A. Whitney

(Newly revised and enlarged edition)

Here's a stage illusion that fits in a suitcase. A miracle that your audience will talk about long after the curtain drops.

Two children volunteers are selected and come up to the stage. A boy is dressed in a farmer's costume with mask and a girl is dressed in a witch's costume with mask and broom.

The performer tells a story of how an old witch called at the farmer's door for food and water and how the farmer turned her away. But the old witch had magical powers and changed places with the farmer, to teach him a lesson.

The magician asks the farmer to remove his mask and in place of the boy is the girl! And when the witch's mask is removed, inside this costume is found the boy! A double exchange right in front of the audience!

Very mystifying and startling. No preparing the children ahead of time, special stage furniture, screens, etc. No running around or complicated movements to make a double exchange seem possible. Everything is so natural and clean-cut, it will baffle the closest observer.

For those really looking for something good to add to their club and church programs, or holidays shows, this is ideal.

From coauthor T.A. Whitney:
"The addition of an illusion to the act makes any performer seem more like a big-league magician, especially in the eyes of the person who hires the act. Here's a fine illusion that packs small and plays big two big advantages, especially for the part-time performer who doesn't travel with a semi-trailer or boxcar full of props. Since it uses children, it also is very entertaining, not only for the kids themselves, but for the audience as a whole."

Revised edition of the 1935 U.F. Grant first edition includes five new chapters, added illustrations and many edits, performance notes and updates. Nice, crystal clear text. PDF. 17 pages plus supplement. ($4 US)

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