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Three Publicity Trix (REVISED EDITION) by Howard P. AlbrightThree Publicity Trix
by Howard P. Albright

As a thank you for supporting Magic World Publishers, we are pleased to offer a FREE PDF digital manuscript, containing three top-notch gems of mystery by Howard P. Albright. Good tricks in themselves, yet they also get you free advertising each time you perform them.

CLUB SPECIAL - A sure-fire sensation; leaves the audience with a quantity of tokens that advertise you in unique fashion.

TALK OF THE TOWN - An uncanny mystery; your name, etc., appeals on several initialed cards from an ordinary deck. These are left with the audience so they always have your contact information at hand.

MY SOUVENIR - Quick and clever, this miracle works from pocket anywhere, leaves behind a photo or other memento; great for impressing reporters or agents.

PDF format. 33 pages. Magic World eBook expanded and corrected reprint of the original 1940 Unique Magic Studio publication, featuring new, updated content and added material.

(FREE, not to be resold)

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